Applying for the TechNation Exceptional Promise

Hello Everyone
Good day
I want to apply for the Exceptional promise
These are the documents i plan to submit

  1. Personal statement

  2. CV

  3. Letters of Recommendation

  4. LOR 1 - CEO of Company A

  5. LOR 2 - CEO from Company B

  6. LOR 3 - My Manager from company C who knows me and my work for 2 years. I have contributed to improving their security posture for business applications when I was employee for Company C.

10 Piece of evidence

#1 - Salary Document

  • Job offer letter from my employer which show salary

#2 - Testimonies and Recommendation

  • Document showing testimonials or recommendation from clients or employers attesting to my skills, professionalism, and the value i brought to their security posture of the businesses i have worked with.

#3 Mentoring and Training

  • I volunteered to train cybersecurity enthusiast, of which some of them are now working now.
  • I have also have couple of Mentees, who are improving.

#4 CyberSecurity Continuous Learning Certificates

  • I can showcase evidence of continuous learning in my field,
  • Course Completion Certifications
  • Industry Recognized certification
  • Also mentioned how these have been useful in my current role

#5 Project Case Studies

  • detailed case studies of successful penetration testing projects. Highlighting specific challenges, methodologies used, and the impact of your assessments on enhancing security.
  • Screenshots of some parts of the Penetration Test Report delivered to the business and also highlighting critical vulnerability discovered.

#6 - Contribution in Company C as an employee

  • Provide detailed information about my penetration testing roles, specifying the duration, key responsibilities, and the projects you’ve worked on. Highlighting my experience in conducting ethical hacking and vulnerability assessments.

#7 - Impact of my work on Business Security Posture

  • Provide evidence of the positive impact your penetration testing efforts have had on the security posture of the organizations you’ve worked with. This could include metrics on vulnerabilities discovered and remediated.

#8 Community Engagement

  • Highlight any involvement in online forums, community groups, or open-source projects related to penetration testing. This demonstrates your commitment to the broader security community.

#9 Online Talks

  • I spoke at couple of platforms about technology.
  • Added screenshot showing me as speaker
  • Links of talk and presentation
  • Number of attendees. All had more than 100
  • Dates of talks

#10 Publication

  • I wrote technical tutorial about my field
  • Wrote why this tutorial is useful
  • Screenshot+Link of post and platform.

Kindly review
Thank you

Can you list your evidence based on the criteria you are trying to fulfil?