Applying for both stages at the same time

Hey guys,
Hope you are doing alright!

I am planning to apply to stage 1 & 2 at the same time.
I am applying from outside UK. As per Tech Nation site, I am first applying on Home Office and then will move to Tech Nation application.

When I select Yes for below question,

There is a next screen with question where they ask "Were you endorsed under exceptional Promise or Exceptional Talent’

But, this is my form for endorsement and visa both. Are they expecting to complete tech nation form first and then move to home office?
Or it’s alright if I select talent/promise as per my category and move forward, finish home office application and apply on tech nation site.

Any guidance will be helpful!


@Vaishali_Desarda I would suggest you to apply for stage 1 first (which is where you need to apply through website and then move to TN stage 1 visa endorsement application). Once you get the endorsement letter from the TN then you can apply for stage 2 of the Global Talent visa via (your endorsement letter will instruct you how to apply for stage 2 as well).

I am also an applicant and this is just a mere suggestion as most of us here have applied for stage 1 first and then stage 2 after getting endorsement.


@Vaishali_Desarda may i know the reason why you prefer applying for stage 1 and stage 2 same time?

from my experience, applicant who are already in the UK tend to do that especially when renewing their visa is due and they have no other options. Unless they choose to get endorsed for innovator visa.