Apply for the National Insurance Number from a temporal address

I am investigating the application of the National Insurance number. The process would take up 1o 16 weeks and requires an address to receive the letter by post. However, I am staying at a temporal address and will move to a long-term accommodation after secure one (not sure when it happens).

Can I apply the NI number from the current temporal address and then change the address to receive the NI number letter? Would the NI number letter arrive in the new address?

Also, any experience you can share on this matter is appreciated.

Thank you.

The NI will address in the first address. Best to apply when you have a stable address or use an address where you can receive emails after you move.

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According to the website:

Your National Insurance number is unique to you throughout your life, but it is not a form of identity.


You can find your National Insurance number:

  • on your payslip
  • on your P60
  • on letters about your tax, pension or benefits
  • in the National Insurance section of your personal tax account

So, once you have the number assigned for you, it is bound to your name (not your address) forever. And you can recover it in different ways, even if you leave your temporary address.

In my opinion, the sooner you get your NINo, the sooner you have all papers to apply for a job.
Though the NINo is not required to start working officially, you must apply for NINo immediately after starting. But if you can apply for NINo earlier, why put yourself in rush conditions?

In addition, if you didn’t get the letter and can’t determine your NINo other ways by the time you decide to move to another address, you might pay for the Mail Redirection service.

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