Apply faster given uncertainty around visa continuing?

Which do you think is more important now that Tech Nation is shutting down?

  • speed to apply (put together application in 6-ish weeks)

  • having a super thorough application (their website says it might take you 12 weeks to put together a good application)

I know that they’re continuing to grant visas and you don’t need to apply before March 31. I also attended a webinar where they reiterated how they’re continuing to grant visas.

With that said, it seems reasonable to think they might stop accepting new applications or that things may change. Their website leaves this possibility open when it says “However, until further notice, Tech Nation will continue to accept new Global Talent endorsement applications.”

So should I try to cut down on how long it takes to create my application to a shorter time, like 6 weeks? I recognize that no one knows what’s going on, but it’d be helpful to know what other people are thinking. Thanks!

I was ok to loose 460£ so I put together an application in about a week and applied and fortunately got the endorsement when they announced the shut down. I thought it was risky to wait and see what is going to happen. Its ok to apply multiple times and everybody has different circumstances so you have to decide what to do.


Well I still went ahead to apply and submitted February 27 2023. I got endorsed March 2 2023.

It took me 2 intentional weeks of daily commitment and making sure that I get all the requirement right plus spending more time on this forum to learn and I got endorsed as a Global talent!


@mojisolao Are you based in UK or abroad?

I applied on 20th Feb with a first edit on 24th. Still waiting for the decision but I had a similar kinda thought process as you guys, take a gamble on the amount.

However, my LoRs are not docusigned since the recommenders live in my city and I met them personally to get those (does that affect the application somehow)?

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Wow you got a response in 3days?

I don’t think docusign is an hard requirement. Out of 4 of my letters only one of them was signed with a similar service. I got my endorsement in 1 business day so I don’t think it not docusinging can cause delay.


I’m based out of the UK.

As long as your LoRs are signed… I believe that should be enough.

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CONGRATS! I submitted mine on February 28th and there has still been no edits :frowning: I’m getting nervous.

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Some update about my application @mojisolao @vudu

Applied: 20th Feb
1st edit: 24th Feb
2nd edit: 8th Mar

And nothing yet, so still waiting (a little less patiently with more chances of rejection) since usually people get an endorsement with 3rd edit being in a day or two of 2nd edit and I haven’t heard anything yet. Also emailed the home office to doubly check :stuck_out_tongue: and they actually replied haha

PS: Wondering if they reject me because I applied for promise, probably was safer with talent.

I have around 8 years of experience with 4 years of experience in entrepreneurship (2 years non-tech and 2 years as CTO) and showed that its really the last 5 years since when my work shined (I am working for a media streaming conglomerate now) but I applied in Promise.