Apply as Exceptional Promise Soon But

Hello everyone this is my first time applying for any type of visa. I’m applying as an Exceptional Promise with 4 and a half years of experience as an IT Engineer at Amazon.

Some things I want to check on first before I apply:

  1. For recommendation letters on the guide it says you have to provide the recommender’s phone number, email address, and CV. Are there any wiggle room on that, some of that information seems a bit personal for recommendations are concern.

  2. Also, for recommendations, how high up does the recommender have to be, I have a Senior IT Engineer and 2 IT Manager II as recommendations.

  3. For my support documents is only 6 fine as I see the guide says “Up to 10 Documents”.

  • My evidence showing my salary, position, and earned income

  • 3 page describing my contribution to an open source project with number of Github stars, forks, including images, npm stats, and companies that uses the project.

  • Further evidence me contributing to another open source software and writing documentations/tutorials for it.

  • detailed explaination about my own project including screenshot and Github stars/forks

  • list of my academic certifications

  • list of extra activities that I have done Stackoverflow, Github screenshots of activity, commits, PRs, stars i’ve earned, and projects I have built

Also would Tech Nation consider degrees and acceptance for my Master’s at the University of London as any evidence???

Anyways thanks for the assistance, i’m really nervous about applying but know the deadline of Tech Nation ceasing operations is fastly approaching.

Usually, the legit recommendation letter would come from the person who feel safe and secured enough to reveal themself through an official signed letter, therefore just phone numbers or company/personal email addresses are usually not a concern. And yes, phone numbers, email addresses, and CV/Linkedin URLs are mandatory.

It is always suggested you go high up as much as possible. This will help you to increase your application strength and legitimacy. In some cases, if you are in a very large company like Google or Facebook, it will be difficult to go very high, but most cases are not.

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Well, if you are applying for a promising talent route, you only need at least 1 evidence on each optional criterion selected. But I think, it is best to find more evidence to maximize your chance.

Additionally, I don’t see clear or strong evidence in these 6 shows that you are a leader. What is the quantifiable impact you can demonstrate? If guess you are selecting OC2 and OC3, then be clear that you read the Global Talent Visa | Tech Nation and ensure you have fulfilled the criteria you select.