Applied for Talent, received Promise - can I appeal?

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I applied for the Exceptional Talent visa in January and just received notice that I received Exceptional Promise. Does anyone know if this can be appealed as I am fairly confident I met the criteria for Talent?

I had also applied for Stage 2 at the same time under the Exceptional Talent for 3 years. Assuming I can’t appeal, I now need 5 years to qualify for Leave to Remain. Unsure how I can change this?

Thank you in advance!

Kate, Congratulations on your endorsement. You may be confident you meet the criteria but your evidence may not be strong enough to endorse you for talent, if you got a rejection you could appeal but the guide doesn’t provide an appeal option when your application is endorsed for promise.

The guide states that “Tech Nation will assess your endorsement application, establish whether your skills and achievements meet the eligibility criteria for Exceptional Talent or Exceptional Promise, and decide whether you should be endorsed for the Global Talent visa. You should note that this is not determined solely by the eligibility criteria, Tech Nation’s independent panel of assessors will determine whether, overall, they consider that the applicant should be endorsed and for which route. It is at Tech Nation’s discretion to assess each application on its own merits and make a recommendation for or against endorsement”.

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How many years of digital technology experience do you have?

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2 years in product led technology startups + 3/5 years at PwC and 2 years at IBM

PWC is not a tech company. Don’t forget that work in a consulting company is not suitable for technation.


Even if you are applying as a business leader?

Business leaders can’t use experience from a non-technical organization. Tech Nation clarified it in the guide, see typical applicants:

  1. Technical applicants (i.e. programmers) from non-technical organisations are eligible.
  2. Non-technical applicants (i.e. business roles) from technical organisations are eligible.
  3. Non-technical applicants from non-technical organisations are generally not eligible.

Because I thought I would get Exceptional Talent, I applied for my visa for 3 years but now I need 5 years.

Is there a way to change that without loosing my visa application fee?

You can always extend your visa at the end of the third year