Applied for Talent, got endorsed for Promise

Hi everyone,

I recently applied for GTV via the exceptional Talent route. I have received an email saying I was recommended for the Promise route instead. I have a work experience of around 5.5 years: After my Bachelor’s I worked for 2 years, then an year of Masters in the UK followed by 3.5 years of work experience. I expected that any applicant with more than 5 years is considered for Talent route.

I have not even got any feedback from the committee. Is there a way in which I can appeal the decision?

@Francisca_Chiedu, would really appreciate your inputs on this. Thanks!

Congratulations. I advise you receive it with thanksgiving, as It is still an endorsement for GTV.

If you have not gotten feedback from the committee, I suggest you wait till you get feedback. This alone is some feedback, it seems your application is being assessed.

It appears the assessor didn’t think your application was strong enough for talent, instead of rejecting your application they chose to endorse you under promise. There is no feedback or appeal process. You can write to the home office, that you want a review but you may likely get a rejection.

I applied for talent but didn’t get endorsed. I have less than 5 years of experience though, I was hoping I would be endorsed for promise if my application wasn’t strong enough for talent. But that didn’t happen.
Do you think I should appeal or submit a new application?