Applied for ET got EP

Hi does anyone have experience with getting endorsed as exceptional promise even thoigh you applied for exceptional talent with over 6 years of experience in tech (business)? Is there any way to appeal or change the decision?

I saw in an old post here where someone sent an email to and got an answer to what was their endorsement type. Basically it said you are endorsed under Exceptional talent/promise in their letter.

I know your problem is different but maybe you can send an email to them and get an answer.

But do you want to risk it though? I have read of a person here who has over 8 years (I think) of experience in tech - started multiple tech startups, brought in huge investments for the companies he worked for, had references from top experts in the industry and still got a rejection. I don’t think it’s the years of experience that counts, it’s the amount and quality of evidence you presented and how you positioned your application. Lastly, it’s up to the reviewers to make a decision. In a world where people’s endorsement get rejected on a daily and loads of people have to apply more than once to get an endorsement, I think you should be celebrating your win. My opinion though - sorry if this was not the answer you were looking for.

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There’s no provision to appeal. If you see not satisfied, you can allow your endorsement to expire then resubmit your Application three months after you received an endorsement decision. There’s no guarantee you will get endorsed a second time.