Application Review Machine Learning Developer Exceptional Talent (Promise)

Hi all,

Please kindly review my application. I have spent the last 6 weeks collating evidences.
I have three years professional experience as a machine learning developer, with 3 international companies, and currently work in the UK on a skilled worker visa.

Recommendation Letters

  1. From CEO/Founding Partner of product led startup in Norway I worked for (remotely)
  2. From CTO/Co-founder of product led startup in Netherlands I worked for (remotely)
  3. From CEO of product led startup in Nigeria I worked for (remotely)

Mandatory Criteria

  1. Won an international machine learning competition in 2020 in my field with experts, research institutes participating from all over the world. Won this as an undergraduate at the time. Competition sponsored by Schlumberger, Equinor, other big international oil companies. Evidence also includes award of achievement received from the the organization (internationally known), and includes media mention of me winning it.

  2. Featured in interview as part of the experts in the field of machine learning in my field, with screenshots from the organization (international and leading organization in my field) website. Paper I co-authored in international journal about machine learning work I did, and other awards I received for my presented machine learning research at international and national conferences.

  3. Salary progression in my first year as a machine learning developer from showing that I earned at least twice than the average machine learning developer in Norway (while I worked remotely from Nigeria)

Optional Criteria 2 (Recognition outside work)
4. Evidence showing Open source community contributions, tutorials and software releases. Evidence showing screenshots from my live sessions with participants from all over the world, with YouTube links involved showing thousands of viewers. Evidence I was part of an international board of 10 people from all over the world, for an open source community of machine learning enthusiasts (3000+ plus)

  1. Evidence showing my speaking engagements both in person (Nigeria), and virtually for professional associations in the UK, other countries. Evidence showing me speaking on the main stage.

  2. Reference letter from leading industry expert showing the significance of my open source machine learning model in mandatory criteria for the community. My writings from medium included and my GitHub repos showing my open source contributions to the community.

Optional Criteria 3 (Impact)

  1. Evidence showing my contribution to product led company A I worked remotely with in Netherlands as a machine learning developer. Git logs showing continuous contribution, and the plugin I created, and the release announcement on LinkedIn by the company president of the work I did. Evidence shows recommendation given by colleagues and founder of company through email and LinkedIn at the time.

  2. Evidence showing my contribution to product led company B I worked remotely with in Greece as a machine learning developer.
    Same as above, codes, git logs

  3. Evidence showing my contribution to product led company C as a data scientist and machine learning developer (UK company)

  4. 2 reference letters from CEO of company B, and current manager acknowledging my contributions and recommending me to support evidences

Personal statement describes my journey into tech, my experience with 3 different international product led companies, how I moved to the UK, my future plans.

PS: Majority of evidences dates back as 2020-2022, and only one evidence from March 2024.

@Francisca_Chiedu @May @alexnk and everyone else I will appreciate all your feedback and review, thanks for the time and continuous effort

Looks good overall.
Can you swap in more recent evidence? To show ongoing contribution?

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Thank you :slight_smile: @hsafra , I’ll try to include a bit more recent evidences to show that

The listed companies, did you work for them concurrently at different point?

@Francisca_Chiedu yes.l, at different times.
Company A - March 2021-February 2022
Company B - February 2022-December 2022
Company C - 2023 till present

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My concern is that some are less than 12 months so it may not be eligible for recommendation letter.

Truly, I spent only 10-11 months with the second company. The guide stated that the recommenders must have known my work for atleast a period of 12 months. All my recommenders knew my work (global award from MC1) since 2020, and even after I left the companies, they are still aware of my contributions to the field towards open source contributions. The recommendation letters given highlighted how they first knew me through my winning solution from 2020.

Hi, being featured in an interview without evidence that shows what led to the interview indicating you are a promising leader might not be sufficient enough. Also, note that writings from Medium and LinkedIn are not considered sufficient as evidence. What kind of interview were you featured in?

Thank you for your response @May . I was interviewed as part of a “group of experts” mentioned on the organizations (80 years in existence) official website and only a few in my
field (geoscience) leading the adoption of AI in the field. The interview was conducted by the organization’s AI committee, and only six experts from all over the world leading AI adoption in my field was interviewed. Furthermore, my medium publications has thousands of reads as well, especially since Hackernews and stackoverprofile are permitted. I have not used any LinkedIn evidence.