Application ‘not straightforward’


Has anyone dealt with a situation where they received the following email? Or, do you know what it means in the context of the Global Talent visa specifically?

Thank you in advance.


Thank you for applying for a UK visa. Your visa application has been received and is under consideration. We aim to process non settlement applications within 15 working days (unless you have opted for the Priority Visa service), and settlement applications within 120 working days.

Unfortunately, the processing of your application has not been straightforward and we will be unable to decide your application within our customer service targets. We are continuing to work on your application and aim to make a decision as soon as possible.

We will write to you again if there is any change to this. Please do not attend the Visa Application Centre until you have been advised that your application has been decided and that your passport is ready for collection.

I think it is an automated message sent during peak period.

Sometimes it can means that additional information is required in order to proceed with the processing of your application, or they may contact you to clarify something.

@Francisca_Chiedu @aaliyu thanj you for your answers. Have you ever seen this happen to anyone else, and how did the process go for them? Was it indeed much longer than what it normally takes? I got this email about 6 days after doing the biometrics.

I have seen it happen to many people. You may get it within 21 days or few days after the service time

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Thank you for the update Francisca. Since this is a settlement visa if I understand correctly, the processing time is…120 days. So do you think there could be a chance I could have to wait for so long based on your previous experience?

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If you are referring to a Global Talent visa I have never heard of a case that took that long. Just be pai, you will get it in no time.

@mshymanovich Is there any news, update ?

I picked up my visa just a few days ago, everything went well! Stage 2 took around 45 days from outside the UK.

Hey @Saurabh_Khanna,

I actually had exactly the same situation. I got it 5 days after my application. Then, I waited for another 41 days to get an approval. So, in total, it took me 1 month and a half outside the UK. I hope you get it in a more timely manner.

Good luck!

Oh, this forum is only about Global talent visa, which was my category.

I believe similar waiting times will apply with other categories.

Try contacting UKVI and asking for a withdrawal, I am not sure whether that’s even possible at this point. Perhaps, someone else in this forum can help with this specific question.

Hi @Saurabh_Khanna

I gave my biometrics for tourist visa on 16th June for UK Visa , and got this non straighforward mail on 23rd June and it is 11th July and have not recieved any decision.

By when will I get the same , any idea?
Have you recieved the same?


I will try calling them today

when was your biometric ?

Can I have your whatsapp or anything else where we can talk?

and what was your reply to paid enquiry @Saurabh_Khanna

@Saurabh_Khanna can you please tell me your biometric date?

Same Bro

can you share your contact so we can connect further?

Sure done brother , check mail

You recieved my mail? @Saurabh_Khanna

Good to know. Congratulations