Application for Stage 2 Confusion (outside / inside UK)

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Can you help me on this?

I got endorsed by Tech Nation early January. I applied for the Global Talent Visa stage 2 mid January within the UK and got negative response yesterday, with the reason: “… as you are not allowed to switch in country from a Visitor Visa to an initial Global Talent visa.”

They give us the option to apply for the Global Talent visa from within the UK so I thought that’s the natural way to do it. I agree that it also says on their website, if you’re on a current Visitor Visa, you can’t switch to Global Talent.

My questions moving forward:

  • I assume it’s actually correct that I’m on the Visitor Visa if I entered the country (from Switzerland) just by that as I would as a tourist, correct?
  • If yes, does that really mean I need to leave the UK and then apply “from outside the UK”?
  • If yes, is this the correct link to do that? ->
  • It also says on the website that it’s possible to apply for the Global Talent visa from outside the UK, and then enter the UK while still waiting to get the visa, quote: “After you apply, you can stay in the UK until you get your decision.” -> How does this make sense? Why would I need to take a train to Calais just to fill an online form and then drive back? Or did I miss something? Is this what I need to do now?
  • I already paid the health fees and had my biometrics appointmend done here in London for my initial application. Is that align with a second application following?

Hopefully you can quickly help me as I am confused about it. I think this will be interesting to get clarified for other people in the forum too.


Simply leave the UK and apply from your country of resident. Wait for an outcome before coming back to the UK. Yes, the link you shared is correct for application outside the UK.

Hi Francesca,

Ok, thanks. I’m still left with some questions about this. Is there any place / phone number I can talk to the people in charge of the visa process and have my questions answered?


Ideally you should apply for stage 2 outside the U.K. since you’re on a Visit visa.

The followings visas are not able to switch from within the U.K.

*Short-term Student

  • Parent of a Child Student

  • Seasonal Worker

  • Domestic worker in a private household

  • Outside the Immigration Rules

You’re able to switch from within the U.K. if you’re on the following visas;

*Tier 4 student visa or a dependant on a tier 4

*Tier 5 visa

*start up and innovation visa

*Tier 2 skilled worker visa

More information on visa switch can be found here

Apply for the Global Talent visa : Switch to this visa - GOV.UK

Switching from Tier 2 to Global Talent - Tech Nation

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The UKVI has a number you can call from outside the UK for those following up their visa application. In your case a decision been made. What you need is straight forward. As for your IHS refund and reapply from outside the UK. Bear in mind that you have a three months window to apply for endorsement, having a back on forth instead of following the immigration rules put you at risk of having an expired endorsement letter.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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