Application for ILR after 3 years

I am holder of GTV as a leader in digital tech.
It says in Home Office website that i can apply for ILR in 3 years but i have to stay in country 6 months in any last 12 months.
I have a global job requires long stays in different countries, what happens if can not stay 6 months, do they add up to 3 year rule or they just revoke my visa after 3 year ?

you may be able to extend your visa but you cant apply for ILR if you ont meet the 180 days residency requirement. Best to seek professional immigration advise.

I understand but how do they calculate this 180 days requirement, do they ie counts only last 12 months or entire 3 years?

entire qualifying period for ILR. If you don’t meet 180 days in one year then you start to count again. Contact an immigration lawyer to get clarity on your situation. This forum is mainly for endorsement related queries,