Appeal Timeline - please share your experience

Hi everyone,
Has anybody submitted appeals recently? What was the response time and was it successful?

I’ve sent my appeal 30 days ago. They didn’t answer for several days and only after my reminder confirmed that they received it and would process it within 28 days.

Getting a bit nervous and didn’t find many timeline examples here.
Would appreciate you sharing your experience.

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Well, for statistics:

  • Between my application and the first rejection - 15 days
  • Between appeal and the second rejection - 32 days
    Still, I’m going to reapply
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Were you given more feedback after the 2nd rejection?

In the first rejection, it looked as if they didn’t check all attachments, didn’t follow any links and didn’t care. So in the appeal, I just mentioned everything again emphasizing the points they skipped.
The second time they said that everything was good, interesting career path, strong qualities but not enough for endorsement :thinking:

Hmm not too helpful, but I think I’m in a very similar situation. What will you change for your next application?

Not sure yet, there are not many things I may add. Probably, I’ll rework storytelling considering my comments from the appeal, make pictures and links bigger, and hope for an officer in a good mood :slight_smile: Also, I applied for Talent hoping to get either Talent or Promise but maybe should have stuck with Promise straight away, need to investigate it better.
Good luck with your case! And if you have any thoughts on how to adjust your application, please share

I’m not sure
But I think someone applying for promise should be 5yrs or lesser in his career (that he is applying for)
Whereas talent needs to be more than 5yrs in the career to qualify

I think this is a good approach as well. One thing I will add is that you probably shouldn’t rely so much on links. There is no guarantee they’ll follow it. It may be best to assume and approach the application as if they’ll review it on paper. That way it will force you to show the evidence itself and treat links solely as “extra”.


Having a bit over 5 years already, during the first application wasn’t sure what was right. At the same time, saw some cases when applicants for Talent received endorsement as Promise, so probably it’s in TN authority, they still may consider you for both options