Appeal: should there be any confirmation after submitting the Endorsement Review form?

Hey there,
I got a got a rejection (for statistics: applied on 23 Feb, got a rejection on 10 March — 2 out of 3 criteria endorsed).

Filled the Global Talent: Endorsement Review form

And sent it to

I was wondering, should I expect an email with confirmation that my Endorsement Review form has been received and forwarded to Tech Nation?

Please share your evidences and rejection details in this thread for people to review and give their feedback for your betterment.

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yes you will receive an email from home office when they forward review form to Tech Nation which is usually within 2-3 days after submitting to Home Office

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Thanks! Indeed just got my email that the review form has been forwarder to TN

Hi, @mike did your appeal work out?

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