Appeal/Review Endorsement Rejection

Hello everyone, I received an email with a rejection letter for my Tech nation application. MC and OC1 were rejected and OC3 was accepted.

Evidences I submitted:

Mandatory Criteria ;

  1. Reference Letter from Vice President and CTO confirming that I led a team of engineers to develop a digital product.
  2. A dashboard on the Site confirming that I am the Lead Software Developer
  3. Reference Letter from Principal Engineer confirming that I led a team of engineers to develop another digital product along with the admin dashboard showing my role.
  4. Salary and offer letter.

This criterion was rejected because the accessor thinks the references was about the products and not me. Whereas the reference letter confirms that I led the team to develop those products. Also, the accessor stated that the references do not show my recognition outside of my immediate network. How can I appeal this criterion?

Optional Criteria 1;

  1. Snapshot of official news website showing the Lagos State Governor mentioning the product as first of its kind in Lagos and Africa at Large.
  2. Offer Letter.
  3. Note on how 1 of the products I developed should be considered innovative.

This criterion was rejected because the accessor believes that my evidence does not show that i work in a new digital field or concept. I think I should have included my companies Patent Document in these criteria. The reason I initially left it out is because it doesn’t contain a Google Patent ID, although It was issued by the Federal Government. Can I put the patent in my appeal? I have seen someone on this forum that actually included a small piece of new evidence in their appeal and was considered for endorsement.

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To be fair, your evidence were clearly not sufficient. Tech Nation guide clearly states that reference letters alone are not sufficient thru need to be supported by other evidence. I would have merged the reference letter and the screenshot of the work. Besides, there is emphasis on MC being recognition for your leadership potential, how does your evidence show that you have potential to become a leader in your sector? You can state it in you appeal if it is not clear in the evidence you provided.
The evidence you provided for innovation doesn’t meet the criteria. How does this proof innovation? If you have answers put it in the appeal but a statement from the Governor is not sufficient, it wasn’t credited to you.

Lastly you can’t provide an evidence In your appeal, the endorsement review is a form. It doesn’t allow you send new evidence,you just need to clarify your previous evidence and point the assessor to any evidence they didn’t consider.