Appeal for Rejection

Hello everyone, I have been rejected for Endorsement at Stage1 under exceprional talent route.

I have 5 years experiance as an IT Engineer and over 3 years as Cloud Engineer.

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Please help review my application as I intend to appeal the decision.


• CTO fintech

• CISO fintech

• Head of Technologies



MANDATORY CRITERIA [How do I demonstrate that I have been recognised as (or recognised as having the potential to be) a leading talent in the digital technology sector?]

• MC Evidence 1- Growth of Product with proof of product configuration and capacity management policies developed by me and signed by CEO, CTO of company, proof of my contributions to product availability, proof of leadership in work place.

• MC Evidence 2 - [High Salary] proof of high earnings, proof of salary breakdown

• MC3 - Proof of assessing the work of other’s

• MC Evidence 4 - Proof of product existence and transactions

OPTIONAL CRITERIA 2 [How do I demonstrate that I have been recognised for my work outside of my immediate occupation that contributed to the advancement of the sector?]

• OC2 Evidence 1 - contributions on ServerFault approximately 8k reach at the time of capture and still counting.

• OC2 Evidence 2 - Invitation to UK Tech Conference

OPTIONAL CRITERIA 3 [How do I demonstrate a significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contribution to the field as a founder, senior executive, board member or employee of a product-led digital technology company?]

• OC3 Evidence 1, - proof of product designs and architecture diagrams with proof detailing my contribution to the growth of the company including dashboard activities of changes made, digital growth, and so on). Proof of work

• OC3 Evidence 3, Reference Letter by Lead CloudNOC of current company

Attached Assessor’s Feedback:

Thank you.

I personally think your assessor has been kind enough to point out the gaps in your application, and what you need to do if you really want to get the GTV.

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Even without reading the assessor’s feedback, your evidence don’t seem compelling.

The evidence submitted for the mandatory criteria don’t seem convincing. What is the evidence of assessing others work you provided? Is this a sector leading panel?
Evidence 1 and 2 could have been linked as one, I don’t see the point separating both. Proof of high salary is not so strong. Any one can claim high salary best to use evidence that can be easily verified online.

What exactly is your contribution to server faults? Is it similar to stack overflow? What do you mean by your contribution reached 8k view, Is this consistent or one off contribution.

What do you mean by invitation to speak. What’s the exact evidence?

Thank you so much for your feedback @Gbemiga_Adelola. Do you think I should appeal or reapply?

Hi @A5TUT3, sorry about the endorsement decision. Based on the proforma feedback, it appears that the assessor was not convinced about the content of your personal statement. Since that might be the first thing they read in your application, it would help if you spice it up ahead of your reattempt so the review can begin with a strong impression about your candidacy.

The assessor also provided detailed feedback on every other criteria, so your next action should be geared towards addressing the gaps stated.

Nonetheless, I think you should still appeal the decision anyway, because (i) it’s free, and (ii) you may get additional feedback from a separate assessor and this could further strengthen your second attempt. Take care. :facepunch:t5:

Thank you @Francisca_Chiedu. Notes well taken especially linking Evidence 1 and Evidence 2.

In my Evidence 2, I included Glassdor’s salary range for my role (including the corresponding link) in comparison with my renumeration and how it had increased.

Please see my answer to your questions.

Q1. It’s not a sector leading panel. I provided evidences showing that I review set goals of team members, validate that goals were met and appraise them accordingly. I also added review of new joiners in my team for confirmation where I captured projects they worked on.

Q2. ServerFault is similar to Stack Overflow and my contribution was one-off that gained 8k views which has grown to 12k.

Q3. The invitation I recieved from the organisers of the conference wasn’t to speak at the conference it was an invitation to attend.

Please see my questions below;

  • Do you think I stand a chance of being a Global Talent (Exceptional Talent)?

  • Do you also think I should appeal or reapply?

Apologies to jump in here but a quick side point while you’re here Francisca - The feedback says “applicant has cut and pasted multiple screenshots onto an A4 which doesn’t meet the guidelines” - I was under the impression that this was perfectly acceptable? I planned on doing this within various evidences, can you elaborate on this point too please?

Hi @Francisca_Chiedu really looking forward to your responses.

Thanks @Popo_Aguda for the feedback and encouragement. :blush:

You can include several screenshots on the same page but you need to make they’re legible. i.e. not to small that the assessor can’t read the text

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Just one off contribution that gathered 12k view Is not sufficient. You need to show sustained contributions on stack overflow before it is considered so one contribution clearly doesn’t meet the requirements.

Thanks again @Francisca_Chiedu