Anyone received a decision on their Stage 2 application this year?

How long did it take you to get a decision on your Stage 2 application if you applied this month or the last month?

  1. When did you apply?
  2. When did you get your decision email?
  3. Did you pay extra for priority to get a faster decision?

I am little anxious since I applied for Stage 2, that I might have made some mistake in the application and it will get rejected even though I checked it carefully before submitting. Also the IHS fee is going to increase from next month so worried that might have to pay extra if it gets rejected.

When did you submit your application

I submitted the application on 13th January

Inside the UK or outside the UK?

Hello, have you gotten any updates from the home office?

Unfortunately I had to leave the UK on the 29th January due a family emergency. I have not gotten any emails from the home office even related to my visa application being cancelled/withdrawn.