Anyone applied for Exceptional Promise but got Talent?


Firstly I want to say that I have found this forum very helpful :relaxed:. And I just want to check - does anyone applied for the Exceptional Promise but got the endorsement of Exceptional Talent (especially after Tech Nation added the requirement for Exceptional Promise to have less than 5 years of experience)? Is that something possible to happen?

My experience is a bit between Promise and Talent, with around 5 years of experience. I’m wondering will that be safer for me to apply for the Promise rather than Talent?


Yes. I know someone who applied for promise and got endorsed for talent. It depends on the assessor


Thank you! That’s really good to know!

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Yes, @Njoku_Charles did apply for promise and got talent.

Read his narration here:
[Applied for Exceptional Promise but was endorsed for Exceptional Talent]