Any format for the Reference Letter?

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My question is regarding the Reference Letter for the Mandatory criteria (Not to be confused with the Reccomendation letter).

Is there any particular format required for the reference letter (None specified in guidelines).

Is it fair to say that the high level format can be more or less similar to that of the reccomendation letter itself?


High level format yes,
But it has to specifically talk about the mandatory criteria you are getting the letter for as it’s a piece of evidence.

Thanks @akshay_kothari. So does it need to say something like “This letter of reference acts as evidence for mandatory criteria of Tech nation visa”?
Sounds cheeky…:slight_smile:

It doesn’t need to say that.
You can just address it to Tech Nation. While filling the application you will be giving the description of the evidence attached but it doesn’t have to say in letter that it’s the evidence.

Great. thanks Akshay… really appreciate it.

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All the best for your application!!

Can I check- (a) we need to get three reco letters (b) then we have to get a fourth letter to support mandatory criteria (c ) and then fifth and sixth letter to support two optional criteria

So basically we need 6 people to endorse us? Am I missing something?

You require three recommendation . You may not need other reference letters if you have clear evidence that are easily verifiable. TN gave examples of different evidence that are considered suitable to meet the MC and OCs additional reference letters alone are not sufficient. On the Tech Nation Guide it is stated that “Letters of Reference alone are not sufficient and should be supported by other evidence”.

As @Francisca_Chiedu mentions, the 3 reco letters are mandatory and should strongly endorse your case. The evidence for criteria can be met by evidence (links, screenshots, certificates, email communication, payslips, letters from HR etc) or through reference letters.

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Thanks. So- 3 ‘Reco Letters’ from people. Now if we take example- suppose one of the person is the CEO of company which I have supported in tech development (business skill) and provides a reco. In that letter key details covering Mandatory+ Option are mentioned- can that Reco letter be used under Mandator and Optional also?

It appears you have not read the Tech Nation guideline. TN guideline states that “Letter from an employer wherever applicable. This is in addition to the required letters of endorsement and should to be written by another individual”. Meaning, you can’t use recommendation letter for Mandator and Optional criteria.