Any example of a valid mentorship programme

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The evidence of mentorship should be “Mentorship should be on behalf of a structured programme with selection criteria and is inclusive of non-profit charities and social mentorship programmes.”

Could anyone please share a valid example of such a structured mentorship programme? I’ve participated in some industry-specific mentorship programmes outside of work but not sure that they are valid. They are definitely not well-known.

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Hello Alexandra.

I am not sure how to help. But if it is the only evidence supporting OC2, that might be insufficient to qualify. As you can see, it is the least of seven example pieces of evidence for OC2.

And it requires to be a “consistent track record of mentoring and have received recognition for your personal contribution”. Is that true for those programmes? You mentored for a prolonged period, and you prepared (or significantly contributed to) programmes?

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Hi Alex, one example I took part in was this organization. There was a selection interview to be considered a mentor and had a specific schedule. I got a LOR as evidence from the Scotland Programme Chair.

Thank you, @Farzad_Sunavala!

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@Alexandra_M I thought to correct an impression. The mentoring platform does not have to be well known.

What the requirement says is that it should be a “structured” mentoring platform and It cannot be part of your regular work. Also it seems if you are being paid for the mentoring, it no longer counts towards this requirement. (They consider it part of your day to day job). This is even though providing this evidence (of paid mentorship) ticks some other boxes so you should include it if you have it.

The reasoning in my opinion is that if you consistently volunteer your time to mentor others (and build your home country’s Tech ecosystem), you will likely do so in the future when you move to the UK.

This does not mean if you have an opportunity to mentor on a bigger platform / better known stage, you shouldn’t take it / show it. I am just saying what you have particularly if you have a track record doing it over time is probably fine (if you have good documentary evidence for it).

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Say for example you are a senior ML engineer and SpaceFEx foundation invites you to mentor their ML fellows on their SpaceFex ML Fellowship 2020 programme. This is a structured programme which is of a non-profit nature. Your participation is pro-bono. And your organisation / company must not have been a sponsor.

Things to note as possible evidence; Say an email was sent to you which states why you are being invited. Say there’s an attached pdf signed by the organizer, which is the official invite.
The program booklet that has your profile, and stating you are a mentor. The mentor page on the organizer website with your picture and profile. Pictures / video of yourself mentoring. A news publication about the event. A thank you mail from the organisers post event. And a letter of recommendation from the organisers.