Am I fit for Exceptional Promise visa?


I wanted to understand whether only UI designers qualify for the global talent visa? As I have more experience in UI design than in UX.

I finished my masters in design from a leading university in London in 2012. I did a short course at UAL for UX design and brand strategy in 2019.
I have worked in graphic design and advertising for the last 10 years.

I have worked with 3 early-stage startups in the past 3 years where I have managed & created Brand strategy, market research, Information architecture, UX & UI design along with creating a social media strategy and other collaterals.

I was planning to get these recommendation letters, but are they good enough?:

  • Head of Product
  • founders of 2 companies
  • UK-based brand strategist (who was the tutor of course in 2019)
  • a fellow acquaintance in the UX space since 2014 (would they be considered an expert if they work with Samsung and have patients under their name)

I haven’t given any talks/written any articles to give for commercial impact except for the growth projects and customer acquisition numbers mentioned in the LOR.

Looking for guidance on the best way forward.
Also, do you recommend hiring a lawyer for this process?