Am I eligible to apply? Please check

Hi All,

I am a seasoned Digital & Data Architect for the last 10 years with a total experience of 20 years in IT.

I am currently employed as Chief Data Architect in one of the IT Consultancies in UK. I have worked for several major corporations in UK and Dubai in the past at Senior levels.

My expertise is around advising, defining the strategy, approach, and solution of major digital and data transformations. I usually do not develop the code myself but I am hands-on.

From business development perspective, I have attempted for an online business in UK about healthy food takeaway for people who are dieting. I had to stop it because of the lack of funding. As of now, I have a very good/innovative idea in development stage in analytics using ML technologies which might get traction if I can get the time to develop it.

My previous background is in Java programming, Software Engineering management.

Do you think, I can qualify for Global Visa? As I am working in Consultancy, I think, I do not become eligible for this visa but I have seen someone who got the visa while working for a Consultancy. How that is possible? What do I need to do to become eligible?

I am on Tier 2 and would like to switch to Global Visa to have the freedom to work anywhere and work on my idea in parallel.

Thanks in advance for your insights on this?

If you can prove that outside of your consultancy work, (for example personal projects or open source etc.) You have done some innovative and excellent work which implies that you as an individual would be the talent the UK desires than you may stand a chance.

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From business development perspective, I have attempted for an online business in UK about healthy food takeaway for people who are dieting.

I understand it is not what you’re asking about, but that does sound like a violation of a Tier 2 condition.

Tier 2 holders can’t be self-employed or start a business in the UK, as far as I know. So the question here might be not if Tech Nation will endorse you, but will the Home Office grant you leave if they suspect Tier 2 condition violation which they might based on what you just said…

Hi Alex,

Thanks. That was before the Tier 2 in place. So, I assume, it will not be a problem…

Consultancies are digital technology businesses. It all depends on what you have done in that company, what kind of impact you have created and if that impact was created with something that adds to being valuable on a standalone basis.

For instance, if the consultancy is just doing routine work, then that doesn’t add up for much. However, if you can prove that you have done something path breaking, innovative, or pushing-the-boundaries work, then collect evidence for it, including perhaps from clients for whom you did the work.

After you have collected the evidence, take a good hard look at your evidence and get a feel of whether it adds up to a strong application. If so, go for it.

In the end, the application costs ÂŁ452 and your time. You have to make a judgment call on whether it is worth it or not.

ps: I do not represent TechNation or their decision making abilities in any way.

Thanks a lot for this…