Am I eligible to apply for Exceptional Promise

Hello all, I’d like to know if I have a good chance as an Exceptional Promise, or if there are areas to work on. I recently found out about the Tech Nation visa route, and as a Software Engineer ( 3+yrs experience in Frontend Development) I’d like to see it as my best shot.


  • I work as a Software Engineer for a company in Germany, although I work remotely so I still live in my home country (Nigeria).
  • Prior to this, I worked for a Startup in the UK and Nigeria as a Software Engineer as well.
  • Recently got a second job with good pay, equity and stock options
  • I’ve built 5 different products from the ground up in the process, and a bunch of features as well in my different workplaces.
  • I haven’t contributed to open source projects, but my Github is quite active and I have a lot of commits as well as repositories to show for it.
  • Considering my two jobs, I have a pretty high salary
  • Likewise, I haven’t spoken at tech conferences but I’ve mentored a couple of junior developers,
  • I also write technical articles during my spare time and share them with various audiences.
  • I’m currently building my own startup but it’s still at its early stage and hasn’t gained much traction.
  • Referees would be from the CTOs of the companies I’ve worked with - is this acceptable?

I’ll like to know If I stand a chance, or if there are areas to work on before giving it a shot and any form of advice would be helpful.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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@Francisca_Chiedu @westside I’ll appreciate your kind inputs :pray:t4:


i think you should draft breakdown of your application and then you will know if you are having all evidences in hand or need to work on them.

use below for your guidance and referring to tech nation guide:

  1. what evidences are you applying for Mandatory?
  2. What optional criteria are you selecting?
  3. what evidences are you having for each optional ?
  4. who would write for your the recommendation letters? 3 different established companies?

when you do all that, feel free to share this in the forum and everyone else would be able to help.


@Maya okay that sounds smart, would do just that. Appreciate your kind response

maya already gave you some pointers.