AM i eligible for GT visa

Hi Everyone, I want to know about my eleigibilty for GT,
With a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, I have more than 5 years of experience in the renewable energy field. My expertise lies in utilizing solar and water power for utility scale projects. I have been the key design engineer for projects worth millions of euros/pounds. Having shifted to the UK earlier this year, I can see the potential uses of renewable energy that the country can benefit from, both socially and economically. The wind power industry, in particular, can be brought to life, solving the country’s energy crisis; thereby, easing the financial load on millions of British households. Apart from this, my background related to other renewable power (solar and water energy) will also benefit the UK by lessening the climate change impact and allowing sectors like agriculture to flourish. In my free time, I like to do research on topics related to wind power (and cricket—which is totally unrelated, but nevertheless I felt the need to mention it still). If needed, I can provide recommendation letters too. Currently, I am on Tier 2 Visa (Highly-Skilled) and would like to shift to Tier 1. The UK has always been a dream for me, and I wish to make it my permanent abode.

I think you are but the endorsement body is not technation. You have to look at the endorsement body for your field.

Can you help me how i can find those people, thanks in advance

I am also wondering the answer about the endorsement body. Does anyone know about it?

@C91, need your support about my queries

Hi @Ajmal it does not sound like you are involved in digital technology from all you have said. I am not sure what body should endorse you but go through this link and search for your discipline, hopefully you can find your endorsing body. Disciplines covered by the endorsing bodies for science, engineering, humanities, social science and medicine - GOV.UK .

Also i do not know how they endorse so you will need to read it up here Apply for the Global Talent visa : Overview - GOV.UK but i think you should be in academia or research.

I am really unsure. Perhaps keep asking people and also maybe contact someone who does this as a job or an immigration lawyer.

Best of luck

@C91 thanks alot for your prompt reply, i have checked the link which you have shared and i have found the digital technology in below image.

can you recommend someone in this group who can help me about my query.

@ajmal and what endorsing body is that under? I really do not know about anyone in this group that can help as this group is strictly for tech nation. Hence, why i asked you to contact a lawyer or maybe google and you may find something. I have noticed @Francisca_Chiedu is extremely helpful,active and knowledgeable, perhaps they can be of help to you.

Best of luck

Thanks again @C91.
@Francisca_Chiedu could you guide me about my query?
Thanks in advance.

@Ajmal if you look here on the royal academy of engineering website

It seems for engineering fields other than digital technology your application will be referred to these 6 organisations by the home office.

I think you should directly go ahead and apply on the Home office website there must be options for this.

It seems Royal Academy of engineering is the endorsing body for electrical engineering from here: Disciplines covered by the endorsing bodies for science, engineering, humanities, social science and medicine - GOV.UK

The site also suggests you have the following 4 routes:

I believe @Pankaj_Doharey has responded to your question. I believe you need a research degree to be assessed by the academy.

@Pankaj_Doharey Thanks alot for your kind support, i will check it now.

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@Francisca_Chiedu Thank you for your support