Am i Eligible for GT as a Mechanical Engineer

Good Morning Guys,
I’m about rounding up MSc program in Mechanical Engineering, also i have Tech background where i built projects which are on my GitHub repo. i started coding over 5 years ago. i’m a member of STEM Ambassador, where i did volunteering service tutoring students here in UK. Have attended severe coding events as well. i have 3 to 4 senior developers that can attest to my skills. i want to apply as exceptional promise. Your Honest advice is needed.


The Tech Nation visa is open to individuals who can demonstrate a record of leadership and contributions in advancing digital technology, regardless of their academic background. To determine if you meet the criteria, review the Tech Nation visa guidelines and organize any relevant evidence in a structured manner to present to this forum for constructive feedback.

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Thanks For your swift response

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How many repo? What are these repos about and How many stars do they have?

The question is, where have you used this skill? Have you worked in a product led technology company? How long? What did you do? What is the measurable impact of what you did there?

What I can deduce from your intro is that you do tech on the side. You do not have sufficient evidence of contributions to tech in a structured environment and that alone will slim down your chances

Anyone can attest to anybody’s skills on paper. If they’re people you know personally, do they have a choice? There’s a reason why TN emphasises that references need to know your work, where’s the work?

Please read the guide ([again] if you’ve already done so )

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