Am I eligible for global talent visa?

A brief background:
I am a CPA/CA and work in the tax function. I have more than 10 years of experience and this includes consulting roles in big4 as well as tax roles in top tech companies.
My query is :
1)Does my role fall in corporate role and hence not eligible for GTV? Or do I fall in Business skill and can apply for GTV?
2)My career started in tax consulting, however from last 5 years I have been working in top tech companies. If I am eligible, which category shall I apply -Exceptional promise or exceptional talent? My belief is that I should be applying under exceptional promise because my experience in tech sector is around 5 years (after I left consulting)

You may be eligible if you have worked for product-led company. If you have spent less than 5 years working in tech companies then you can apply for exceptional promise. The question is do you have evidence to show you meet three criteria? Your evidence and type of people recommending you and details of the letter will determine if you cover endorsed .

Start by listing your evidence here.