After making appointment for biometrics and attending it, the "Book appointment" option is still showing on my Global Talent visa Stage 2 application

Hi everyone,

After completing all the steps on the Stage 2 of my GT visa application (and after paying the Immigration Health Surcharge) I had the option - Book appointment (under Mandatory actions) - on my Stage 2 visa application to choose an appointment date with UKVCAS. I have also providing the relevant evidence documents asked as part of the appointment and the biometrics during the appointment.

When I return back to my application it still has the “Book appointment” option available on my completed visa application (as shown in the image below). Is this also showing up for your application as well?

I was wondering that if I have already submitted all my evidences and biometrics whether this option should still show up on my application.

@Maya and @Tamil_Selvan On your Stage 2 application can you still see the “Book appointment” option?

Hi @somdipdey,

for me, it is showing like this below,

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i have this shown in my application too. Even though i attended my appointment and completed this already!

@Tamil_Selvan Thank you for confirming. I think the application looks different if you apply from within the UK and outside. My view of the application is different from yours and hence, mentioning this.