Advice on innovation evidence

Hi, I am applying for the Global Talent visa as a business applicant. I am the head of an eCommerce business with a background in [digital] product management and looking for some advice on my innovation evidence.

In my last role, I came in and did a complete turnaround of the business. We made changes to everything - lots of small changes that led to big improvement of performance. I’m struggling to pull out an example of a technical innovation to focus on. The most important innovation was likely the process we used to identify opportunities and develop and implement solutions in a coordinated way across the team.

Do you think I can successfully argue that as a leader of a product-led company (eCommerce), my biggest innovation was in how I managed the team?

(Note: my 2 other innovation examples are pure tech)


@Francisca_Chiedu @Maya could I get your input on OC1? i’m really stuck on this one.

basically the innovation example i want to detail as a business person in eCommerce is:

  1. creating a product-led growth strategy for an ecommerce business
  2. creating a super responsive management system with a daily cross-functional check-in that drove continuous improvement across the business (not just product and tech, but all functions)

do you think i can use this as an example to show innovation as a business person in Sector = ecommerce, skill = Product Management?

note: my other innovation examples are

  • defining the strategy for and leading a team to build an on demand delivery product in Brazil; solved an unmet consumer need, new business model for CPG companies. app has since scaled to 10m downloads

  • launch strategy for an IOT device harnessing an innovative community-driven approach. commercially successful launch, strong reviews, etc.

@alexnels Is there anything 0 to 1 you can show as an evidence?

Hi @alexnels

I can’t advise on this unfortunately as i lack experience in this bit. How are you planning to present your evidences?

@makeitfly my other 2 examples are 0-1. last 4.5 years i’ve been leading later stage businesses and scaleups.

other possible examples:

  • ecommerce replatform and site redesign to offer free shipping, next day delivery, and delivery estimates based on user’s IP address location. significant technical innovation - plugging into shipping carrier API, building custom order management system to route orders between our warehouse and 2 3PLs based on customer location, etc. impact- largely a big improvement in customer experience. commercial impact not super impressive. technology - front-end = shopify, custom OMS, and custom API integration with shipping carrier

  • returns process improvement - introducing new website functionality and UX. I identified the strategic priority, helped to clarify the problem, brought the approach including the data, then asked the team to come up with a plan. I then coached the team through the creation and execution of the plan. significant improvement in user satisfaction and usage of the feature

thanks @Maya for writing back! i’m planning to explain the context of the problem, my role, my approach including diagrams, data, and then detail the impact. i also refer to other letters (recommendation, letter of support) that confirm my role in transforming the business and the impact i had. big reason i want to include this example is it is what i’m most proud of achieving in my career and the impact is most impressive.

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it sounds good to me. I always prefer having a letter besides the diagrams and outcome, it is more effective. However, this sounds more like an impact to me.

maybe i am wrong! and lets see what other colleagues suggest.

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@alexnels both are good candidates to be picked. The first one looks like you are more passionate so pick that. Remember Innovation can also be the approach with a good impact so do highlight that what you did wasn’t done in the same way in the industry and hence…

Very good approach. Go for it

@makeitfly “innovation can also be the approach with a good impact”… this is what i was hoping to show through my original idea. it’s proving harder than a pure tech innovation though.

This examples sounds more live impact. Do you have evidence of the traction and revenue generated based on the strategy you developed?

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Yes I do. Based on the feedback here, I’ve repurposed the example to an impact document and created a new innovation document.