[Advice Needed] Applying as Narrative Designer for Global Talent Visa

I’m currently on a skilled worker visa as a game designer and narrative designer in the video game industry. I’m looking to transition to a Global Talent Visa so I can stay in the UK and not need to worry about the rampant layoffs in the game industry effecting my ability to stay in the UK.

So far I’ve secured the following:

Resume shows 15 years of experience in both game design and narrative design. Shows evidence of technical skill and writing skill. I have experience working in the UK game industry at three UK game companies, soon to be a fourth. I also have experience contributing to the UK games industry through a tabletop/pen & paper company based in the UK having worked as a writer and game designer. I’m not sure if that counts.

Recommendation Letters from the following:

  1. Head of Game Design of a major UK games company
  2. Design Director of a global game company
  3. Creative Director of a studio I worked under at Ubisoft.

Evidence of Leadership or Talent

  1. Documents showing me as a key shareholder/stakeholder in a German indie game studio
  2. Video and photographic evidence showing me as a judge/jury member in a German game development competition organized by Ubisoft. This was outside my normal work duties where I reviewed student developed games and provided seminars on narrative and game design.

Looking at the exceptional talent visa, it feels like I’m coming up a bit short on the evidence of leadership and talent as you need two documents showing leadership/potential talent and four documents backing up two other necessary skills (six documents total).

I feel like my experience and recommendations should go a long way, but I’m not sure what else to present as evidence of my exceptional talent. I could easily provide parts of my writing for the UK table top company, as I have 10 examples of work I’ve done for them. Since it’s not specifically video games, I don’t know if that would apply.

There are technical skills I have, but I’m not sure how to present them. Any advice on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

You need at least 6 piece up evidence, it is recommended to submit up to 10. You may have 15 years experience but they need evidence that you a recognised leader in your sector. What does your public profile say about you? Are ther news clipping mentioning your work?!