Advice - I have multi skills which skill do I choose

Greetings everyone

Kindly advice
I will like to ask a very important question
I am applying as exceptional promise though I can also put in for talent. I have been a computer engineer for more than 15 years now with technical training experience. I am also a software programmer, I have developed some mobile apps aswell and launch some autotrading softwares which I sell online. I am also a YouTube content creator with over 400 videos published across my 4 YouTube channels with over 12,000 subscribers. These videos are trading strategies, how to solve computer problems , and much more . I am also a web developer and an e commerce businessman with physical store aswell. I am a pioneer vendor on the top 2 E-commerce websites in my country having joined them about 7 years ago when they newly started and still selling on those platforms till date! I also have my own e commerce website where I sell mostly technology products.

Now My question is I don’t know which of the skills I should pick when applying . I possessed multi skills! I don’t know if I should go for hardware engineer, software programmer, or e-commerce business !

All my evidence covers all what I have achieved and stated above