Additional Rec Letters Supporting Work vs Visa?

Hi there,

I understand that the 3 rec letters must be in support of your VISA application, but can additional rec letters be in support of your work?

For example:
You did outstanding work at an accelerator program, but don’t have a lot or any supporting docs (i.e. pics, marketing material, etc).

Can you use a rec letter to support the work you did at that program?


Yes you can as long as it is from someone who had good involvement with project .

Hi Michael, you can certainly do it.

I had 4 support letters besides the 3 recommendation letters. It can provide nice reference, from some who knows you better at working level.

Good luck.

From the changes made to the guidelines in June 2021, you can provide a Letter of Support but if they are for the “Mentorship Criteria”, you need more than a letter.

Here are the changes:
Clarified wording for Mandatory Criteria that Letters of Reference from an immediate colleague are not sufficient.

Clarified for Optional Criteria regarding mentoring, that Letters of Reference alone are not sufficient evidence.

Thanks everyone for your response. Definitely helped clarify