Additional information column in Stage 2 application

Hi All,
I’m currently applying for Stage 2 where there is a section “Additional Information”. I have chosen “For Work or Business” where the following has to be covered.

I currently have no offer. So Could someone help with what details has to be given on the below points:

  • Where you will work - Should this be same as what’s been mentioned in the personal statement of the endorsement?
  • what you will earn
  • when you plan to leave
  • Where you will stay

Also, since my short term plan is to fetch a job and eventually start my own business. Should we provide details about the long term plans as well?

Hey @sowparnika,

I believe that you can ignore this list. Please follow the checklist that is provided for Global Talent route.

All you need to provide is:

  • Passport
  • Endorsement Letter
  • Police certficate (if you have one)
  • Test on Tuberculiosis (if you need one)

Let me know if that helps.

Thanks for replying to this @herman.komashko!
I would like to ignore the list as well, but it’s a mandatory section that needs to be filled to proceed further with the application.

I think it says for “for work or employment”. Global talent is technical neither. What are other options in Additional Information?

@herman.komashko: Here you go!

And if you select “For work or business”. Do you have to upload any documents? - I think those bullet points are the documents that “you may have to” send to the Home Office with the rest of your documents. But you don’t have to. All you have to send to the Home Office is the list I have mentioned above + everything that you have on your checklist (IHS Reciept and other forms). Additional infromation is not required. You can double check this with an immigration lawyer if you have doubts.

@herman.komashko Sure. Thanks for your inputs.

@sowparnika I might have a stupid question. Are you sure you’re using the right form? This screenshot looks more like a form for a visitor visa. I certainly don’t remember anything like this. Just in case - a right form is here (if you are applying outside of the UK):

Hi @Alex_P,
This is the Global Talent application and this section is right before the document checklist in the application process. I’m not sure if this was introduced recently.

@sowparnika I see! That certainly does not make much sense - Global Talent is a work visa by definition and one is required to either work or start a company in the area they were endorsed in order to extend Global Talent visa or settle. So this question does not make any sense for Global Talent visa applicants!

Just in case - there was a Home Office help line (which is not free for those applying from outside the UK) where I think you could ask questions regarding filling the form or report technical issues - it might as well be a bug!

My friend received result in 2 days from technation and it is refusal.

I really have doubt on the assessment of technation. A person who spent more than 4 months time and have made all preparations finally submitted to technation in before last night yesterday he got refusal.
Are they really doing an assessment of a profile or just making fun to public or playing with public’s money and time.

A person who spent the who life and proved himself as a data scientist. Submitted all mentorship, instructors hip asia big medias publications as machine learning guru, book publications on ai, generated billions of dollars for the companies he worked all are digital technology companies. Got recommendations letters and support letters from the eminent people in the industry from UK.

Simply said the documents structure is not correct and recently published.

What you need design of documents or talent and skills of the person.?

This is all they are making fool to public… i don’t believe them.

Hi @sowparnika I am having same points to submit. Can you please share your experience what evidence you submitted here?

Hi @zamana,
I hope this answer helps you.
I haven’t mentioned in particular where I would work/ how much I would earn as I do not hold an offer in hand. So I have mentioned about my short term and long term plans after I arrive in the UK as mentioned in the Personal statement for the endorsement. I also mentioned the details of my temporary location to stay once I arrive in the UK.

There are no hard and fast rules to answer this question and you could answer in general to the above questions.

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Hi @sowparnika thanks for the input. I will be submitting stage-2 application in a couple of days