Adding video evidences and translation issue

Hi everyone!

I am preparing to apply for TN visa as an exceptional promise. I want to ask two questions about the evidence part.

Firstly, I have two videos on Youtube. In one video, I was explaining my old startup and giving details about it and also showing the workflow. In the other video, I was having an interview with the Community Manager of Startup Grind (Google for Startups) about my startup. These two videos have more than 10k views, and I would like to provide them as evidence.

In the guideline, it is mentioned like this,

Documents containing only links to online sources are not acceptable.

How do you recommend showing these videos as evidence?

As another question, these videos are in Turkish, but there is a statement like this,

Authorised English translations must be provided for all documents which are not originally written in English.

How would I handle translations? Should I add subtitles on Youtube, or should I provide a text transcript in English?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

You can paste screen shot of youtube with link to youtube.

Subtitles probably would be good if they are being generated automatically. If not then probably they would be looking for a independent agency to certify the translation you have done. Probably you can send a mail to TN and ask for the same. Maybe they would recommend any agency which are certified by them.

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@acerbastimur I suggest that you don’t depend on these 2 videos by themselves as a strong indicator.

You can provide screenshot to them and include a link to the video. The assesors will google you anyway as part of their assessment. They will likely find the video.

In addition, you can provide letter or email invite to the interviews as evidence.

They asked you to provide up to 10 documents with 3 page per document (potentially 30 pages of evidence). The 2 videos will probably be 1 page. You need many more pointers to show you are globally attractive.

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