Addiitional Evidences to backup Reference Letters

TECH Nation says the use of letters of reference alone to show how you meet any of the criteria is not sufficient, additional evidence is required.

i have been invited by a recognized technology body in Nigeria for seminars and workshops either as a speaker or technical trainer many times. Though there are videos of presentations, it can be very difficult to obtain these videos because of administrative bottlenecks. I do presentations and workshops for the Federal Government of Nigeria in association with the Nigeria Computer Society.

I cant imagine asking them for clips of my presentations and workshops among thousands. Worse case is that the custodian of these evidences are not techies.

Please, are there ways around this?

Thank you.

If you know you did a good job and left a good impression, they would in turn go out of their way to help you.
Another option is to organize another event and record yourself then upload it on YouTube and use it as evidence.

Workshops and training bis not same as speaking bat high profile sector event

Not having the clips readily available shouldn’t pose an issue. You can supplement the evidence with an invitation letter or email. Additionally, you can utilize the flyer design for the event as part of the documentation. Links to where the event was officially promoted, such as on the organizers’ social media platforms, it can serve as further evidence. I did that for my application and it was accepted

Thanks so much. I actually have emails inviting me and also have flyers for the event.

Yes, it can be accepted, but as @Francisca_Chiedu said, it’s important to be careful about choosing the events you perform at. Show their importance, the number of attendees.