Academic research evidence OC4

I transitioned from a 12 years career in Dentistry to Tech nology. I got a fellowship scholarship and studied oral health Research but I specialized in Digital Dentistry.

I am looking to ask my academic professor to write me a reference letter but he said because he is an expert in the Dental field and not an expert in the field of technology. He doesn’t feel he is qualified to write me a letter.

Do you think he can write me a letter? If yes, is the letter enough or do I have to back it up with another evidence of my publications since my publications are Dental related. I feel it might not be a worthwhile evidence.

@May @Francisca_Chiedu

Your professor’s concern is valid. The letter needs to be from an expert in digital technology. However, if there’s enough proof that he’s working in a multidisciplinary field at the intersection of dentistry and tech then that could be brought forward. Same goes for your publications. Have you considered other endorsing bodies?

I did check the research route but I feel my standing as a software engineer is stronger because I am still a research student. My institution have published some of my academic presentations on YouTube where I talk about the intersection between Dentistry and technology. Can the YouTube videos stand as evidence?