Absence from uk


The Appendix on Continuous Residence in the UK states that when calculating the 180 days in CR 2.1. or CR 2.2. any period spent outside the UK will not count towards the 180-day limit if the absence was for research activity undertaken by a person on the Global Talent route who was endorsed by:
(i) The Royal Society; or
(ii) The British Academy; or
(iii) The Royal Academy of Engineering; or
(iv) UKRI.

I currently possess the Global Talent Visa endorsed by the The Royal Academy of Engineering. But I’m currently working as researcher outside UK and not affiliated with any institution in the UK. I might not be able to relocate completely to the UK in the next three years, but will be visiting. I will like to know if the time spent outside UK will not be counted towards my 180 days limit, since I am conducting research.
Please advise. What evidence do I need to support this?

@BeeDee, for the guidance you mentioned, there is a counterpart which is “Caseworkers guidance” for continuous period. It clearly mentiones that the appilican will not be requested to give evidence of the absence for the research related work however, if casworker is not satisfied they may seek for evidence for such work. So if you believe you can sufficiently tackle that eventuality i.e to explain the absence it should be ok or you can take chance always.

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