About exceptional promise must

I will apply for the Exceptional Promise, the question I will ask is, 1.5 years ago, 4 friends started to work with a company under a contract, a few months later, 3 friends opened a company (I am not in the company, but my contract is still ongoing), if necessary, I can enter the management institution to meet the conditions of the Exceptional Promise, Do I need to enter or do I meet the condition by showing my contract before entering?

you do not need to be part of the management of the company. An employment contract that shows high income should suffice. Note that this is just a piece of evidence, you need to show how you meet the manadatory and two optional criteria. Read the tech nation guide for example of the evidence you need to show.

hello again, do you use discord? If you are using it, I would like to consult you on discord for regarding the adequacy of my documents.