A Social Enterprise Founder & Past Employee profile. Kindly Review

I think you should take your time to read the tech nation guide. First, some of the evidence you have listed under leadership may not be suitable there. Do you have Media recognition of your work? Do you you have a conference speaking event with video, prpgramme of event and pictures?
Partnership letters and the outcome looks more suited for evidencing impact. You need to show clear metrics of what you achieved.

Some of the evidence you have listed in optional criteria 2 appears to work within your immediate employment. If you were paid for it then it may not be suitable.
Lastly, the DHL recommendation may not be suitable, a recommendation letter from a director in your company may not be Suitable. Your application seems to be centered around Google partnership, in my opinion, I think you need to show more, I remember someone on this platform centred his application around being a Microsoft partner and was refused, plus his recommendation letter wasn’t impressive. See link