A Social Enterprise Founder & Past Employee profile. Kindly Review

Hello Everyone, this has been such an amazing platform…Thank you deeply for your contributions

And I have tons of questions but kindly let me know what you think of my criteria.


  1. Grown a Social Enterprise Grown my social enterprise from zero to over 40k pounds in 3 years training digital & tech skills majorly a partner with Google on several projects.

i. Google Digital Skills for Africa Partnership

ii. Google Cloud Partnerships for free workspaces for “Google for Education”

iii. Google My Business for Free Business listings

iv. Top 10 selected innovators out of over 1500 for a product I am building for both edtech & HRTech with one of the top 5 digital banks & top VC firm in my home country but I am still building.

I have all traction & partnerships evidence, MY company registration Documents, last audited accounts in 2019, proof of shareholding, as well as the product design snapshot & link for the product

I don’t have enough space due to the 3page max rule for a reference but My Director who is on DHL’s Global leadership team will be giving me one of my recommendations alongside others)

1B. Day to Day - I had trained digital skills for Facebook & google before I ever became a google partner & I have my references from Someone who currently works at Facebook but primarily experienced my work at Google.

1C. Had a specialist as a Growth Marketer invite talk for Visa Africa to teach 700 women last month October 2021

1D. High Salary * hesitating on this but please let me know if it is highly recommended.


A. Impact- A lot of snapshots of my mentoring and high profile speaking engagements & reference letters as well.

B. Op-ed: I do not have any op-ed, but I have a publication that spoke about me and the work I do and did for the company “International Organization for Immigration” training deported individuals digital skills. I have images from the training, a screenshot & also written portion of the segment talking about me & the link to the original article

C. Mentoring Global leaders on their digital transformation project with images and reference letters.

Optional for Significance

A. Remote Product Manager for a traditional company transiting to a digital automated hybrid product in Colchester UK ( Yet to go commercial ) in Q2 of this year but I have a screenshot of the landing page & reference from the employer and *also thinking of adding screenshots & link to my workflow sheet when we were building

B. Product Manager for another company in 2016 with screenshot, launch publication links & reference from an employer.

C. My Ads Dashboard screenshot working with one of the largest commerce startups as a digital growth marketer in my home country with reference from CEO.

My recommendations are;

  • A Seniorsfrom DHL Global team lead who is a director of my company talking about the work I’ve done over the years and with my company.
  • A leader in Google about my work is a Google Partner
  • A cofounder of a tech startup who has worked in tech for years and directly managed as a Growth Marketer in a commerce company.
  • And other referenced from different people I worked closely with at Google, and other organizations & Speaking engagement reference

— I started my tech career in 2015/2016 and am quite confused if I should apply for Talent or Promise. My background is in Growth Marketing, Product Management, & Partnerships.

— The references as evidence for the criteria, do they need to be on a letterhead as well? And the CVs? I don’t have much space for that???

— Also I’m a tad bit worried about applying in December so as not to ruin anyone’s feeling of Christmas joy with work.

Again, Everyone…Thank you for your contributions, it’s helped thus far, I just need it to give me another solid push.

I think you should take your time to read the tech nation guide. First, some of the evidence you have listed under leadership may not be suitable there. Do you have Media recognition of your work? Do you you have a conference speaking event with video, prpgramme of event and pictures?
Partnership letters and the outcome looks more suited for evidencing impact. You need to show clear metrics of what you achieved.

Some of the evidence you have listed in optional criteria 2 appears to work within your immediate employment. If you were paid for it then it may not be suitable.
Lastly, the DHL recommendation may not be suitable, a recommendation letter from a director in your company may not be Suitable. Your application seems to be centered around Google partnership, in my opinion, I think you need to show more, I remember someone on this platform centred his application around being a Microsoft partner and was refused, plus his recommendation letter wasn’t impressive. See link