£8k for stage 1 filing. Help find Immigration consultant in London for GTV/ET Business

Hi All,

I have a quote from an immigration lawyer who can help with Stage 1 filing. Their fee is 6k+VAT excluding govt fee and comes to about £8k just for stage 1. It sounds a bit steep.

I’d like to ask:

  1. anyone who worked with consultants for their GTV, how has the experience been?
  2. How much did they pay?
  3. Can anyone recommend agency/lawfirm they’ve personally used and had an exceptional experience…

Thank you

Hi mgill,

Sent you a DM

Hi Lisa,

Please i need help with review for stage 1. All my documents are ready, but i feel uncomfortable applying.

Potential leader (Exceptional Promise).

Thank you.

Did you list your evidence here so you can at least get some guidance?

Hi Francisca,

Please assist with your email.

You can ask your questions on the forum.


Age band: 35 - 40
Job title: Unit Head, Cost & Budget Mgt. (Recently, Dept. Head, Contracts & Cost Mgt.)
Am exposed to Tech.
I work in a Bank.

Please review the tech nation guide Tech Nation Visa Guide - Tech Nation and then post the description of the documents you wish to use in the format used in the forum
optional (1, 2, 3 or 4)
The other optional

It’s hard to advise you without those details

Exceptional Promise.

Three (3) Letters of recommendation:

  1. LOR - from a co-founder of an IT firm
  2. LOR - from a co-founder of an IT firm
  3. LOR - from a Senior Vice President of an IT firm

(potential leader in relevant field)

An applicant evidencing EXCEPTIONAL PROMISE must:

  • show they have been recognised as having potential to be a leading talent in the digital technology field in the last 5 years. –
  1. Two promotion letters within space of 4 years,
  2. Recent appraisal for Jan-June 2023 with good recommendations
  3. Powerpoint presentations on cost savings,
  4. Snapshots of contract document evidencing reduction users of a core technology application resulting in a major cost savings.
  5. Contract letter as an Information Technology Consultant - 2023
  6. Evidence of payment (bank statement) for 3 months consultancy work in 2023, as an IT Consultant (no 5 above),

And provide evidence for two of the following:

  • innovation as a founder of a product led digital technology company or as an employee working on a new digital field or concept –
  1. Approved documentation for the contract monitoring & vendor rating portal initiated by me for the Bank,
  2. Applications deployed or project managed by me in the Bank,
  3. Scrum master certificate.
  4. Letter of reference from an EX staff in the UK working in an IT firm,
  • a proof of recognition for work beyond the applicant’s occupation that contributes to the advancement of the field -
  1. Contract letter as an Information Technology Consultant (period: Feb 2024 - July 2024),
  2. Email evidence - IT Job opportunity (GBP 45,000 per annum) from a recruitment firm in the UK,
  3. Introduction letter & Volunteer appointment letter from a Cloud Accounting Services firm - as the Chief Digital officer.

I think you should read the evidence that others who got endorsed have shared and the tech nation guide in detail. Your evidence looks like a lot of internal document and it doesn’t prove how you led the growth of any organisation and that you have been recognised as a leading or potential talent in the digital technology sector.

It appears your role and job sectors not eligible for Tech nation.