8 weeks since I applied for Promise, no response

Hello Everyone, I need some help.
Application Submitted: 16th April, 2023.
Yesterday made it 8 weeks and I have not heard back. No edits either.
Please what can I do?

You’re not alone, I can see from the forum that the decisions of most of the applicants who applied at the same period are delayed, hold on for a bit more and hope for the best :crossed_fingers:

drop an email to the home office to check for the status, and check your junk folder as well

Thanks Sherriff.
I’m not sure which emails to reach out to to be honest.

I already sent emails to info@technation.io and globaltalentendorsements@homeoffice.gov.uk

Do you know for certain the email to reach out to for things like this?

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@Smute Have you heard back from Tech Nation?
I applied about the same time April 18th 2023, but I haven’t gotten any response either

Have you written to the home office?

Thanks for asking @Francisca_Chiedu. I sent an email this morning to GlobalTalentEndorsements@homeoffice.gov.uk.
Please do you know if this is the right email to contact the home office?

Yes. I believe this is the email for endorsement related queries.

I will wait for their response then. Thanks.

I also applied about that time, but has since gotten a response from Tech Nation. An email to them should help.