65 pages of application?

I am watching some information about preparation for Stage 1 application, and came across

38:42 / 1:16:30

He mentioned of preparing 65 pages, any idea what does this 65 pages meaning?

What it means doesn’t really matter. What matters is reading and following the Tech Nation guide. Generally you can submit a maximum of 15 documents in total and each document has a limit of 3 pages (the personal statement which is one of the 15 needs to be directly typed into the application form and it has a limit of 1000 words).

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Thank you for your reply.

“submit a maximum of 15 documents in total”
For the 10 pieces of evidence,

  1. Each evidence maximum is 3 pages?
  2. Do we need to write some explanation about our evidence? If so, where should we write?

i would suggest sticking to technation guide and apply what is required only. as mentioned from colleagues in the forum 10 evidences in addition to the CV, Statement and recommendation letters.

please note each applicant is submitting different evidences and there is no such number of pages that you need to stick to. however, there are maximum number of pages accepted for each evidence which is 3 only.

best of luck

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Thanks for your reply.

How can we explain each evidence (max 3 pages) meaning?

@Kewping take screenshot of your evidence and write a description of the image you’re attaching in Ms word. If you have a public link of the evidence, you can put it in your description.