4452 USD Health Surcharge?

I am applying for stage-2 and found that I need to pay 4452 USD at the final step. Isn’t that a lot? Or this is normal? I selected 5 years while filling the form so per year surcharge is around 740 USD and this makes 4452 USD for 5 years. Or if I am doing something wrong?

IHS for 5 years is £3,120 for a 5-year visa. I don’t know the current conversion rate, but I am guessing it is not that far from 4452 USD.

You will also have to pay for biometrics and around ~£190 for stage 2 visa application. I’d say whether it is ‘normal’ is arguable, but that’s the price :man_shrugging:.

You may also want to have a look at the cost of ILR application.

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Hi @Alex_P
Thank you for your response. I understand the cost but the only thing I need to confirm if I pay for one year now then the visa granted will be for 1 year or 5 years? From what I read online, I guess I can apply for extension again after 1 year. I just don’t want to lose visa after 1 year if I am paying for 1 year now :grimacing:

@zamana If you pay IHS for one year you will be able to apply for one year visa (it will not be technically possible to apply for a longer one, unless they have changed something on the site). If you were endorsed as Global Talent (not promise) you may want to consider applying for three years visa instead, which would mean paying IHS for 3 years.

@Alex_P I am endorsed under Exceptional Talent (not promise) which of course is for 5 years. Right? I am still not getting it how this 5 years become 1 year if I pay for 1 year IHS only?

@zamana Exceptional Talent is not for 5 years, but allows one to apply for a visa for up to 5 years. The requirement is to pay for IHS for your whole planned of stay, which is the same as your planned visa length.

If you pay IHS for one year, you will be able to apply for one year visa only, which you may renew (and pay IHS again, of course)

On the other hand, if you endorsed as Global Talent you will be eligible for settlement after 3 years, so there’s no need for getting 5-year visa at all.


@Alex_P thank you for the valuable response. This makes much sense now. I now don’t have to worry if I select 1 year here?

Well, visa extension cost something, I guess around 500 pounds. So if you’re planning to live in the country for more than a year than it will cost you extra 500 pounds:
You apply for 1 year visa and pay IHS for 1 year
After a year you have to renew visa (around 500 pounds) and pay for another year of IHS.

If you apply for 2 year visa you save these 500 pounds. Makes sense?

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@Alex_P I dont have issues paying extra 500 after a year. I thought if I dont pay for 5 years now then I will only be eligible to live and work for 1 year only. Now I understood that I can easily extend after 1 year.

@zamana If you apply for 1 year visa then I am afraid the extension of your visa due to not show the significant amount of tax in 1st year. Correct me if I am wrong any senior member here.

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That might be a good point! There’s no requirement to pay a significant amount of tax, but there’s a requirement to earn money in the field one was endorsed in. So one has to be 100% sure he/she will have a job/own company in Digital Technology at the time of visa extension.

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Just an additional point here. The price of Health Surcharge is going up. If you are certain you are going to live in UK for the relevant period, might be better to pay in one go, rather than pay for visa extensions as well as a possibly higher IHS rate in future. However, this purely depends on your current circumstances, so please factor that in while making a decision.

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There are no official requirements to pay significant amount of tax to my knowledge but rather demonstrate that person was working in the area of endorsement. That specifically helps to VC-backed startup founders

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I am endorsed under Talent. If I have paid IHS for four years and then apply for ILR in 3 years, will I get 1 year IHS refunded?

No, IHS is not refunded when one applies for ILR.

You will not get a refund if:

  • your visa application is successful but you do not come to the UK
  • you leave the UK before your visa ends, for example to make a new application
  • you’re told to leave the UK before your visa expires
  • you’re applying for indefinite leave to remain

@zamana have you managed to get refund for the extra half year charged? Kindly advise as i am facing same issue for my dependents

@Ahmedcs982 there was no extra surcharge. I made a mistake and applied for 1 year but obviously it can be extended next year again but I need to pay the default surcharge + 500 for visa fees again.