3rd step of 1st stage of endorsement

Documents? What is this? What kind of documents I need to submit on 1st stage of endorsement? There is no form to upload documents here. This stage is supposed to be for endorsement application only.

Hi @zamana

As part of Stage-1 payment process on the UKVI website, every applicant gets this page, I did too.

This step is just informing you that you NEED NOT send any documents to the Home Office (this used to the be the case, till a couple of years ago). They are simply advising you to just complete the application on the Tech Nation website and upload the requested information (also a Stage 1 process)

After you “Save and Continue” and complete the balance steps - 4. Declaration and 5. Pay, you will get a UAN and Payment Reference which will help you start the application on the Tech Nation website.

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Hi @deepak thanks for the perfect response

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for stage 1, we have to make an application on both UK home office and also tech nation?

Yes, you apply to the Home Office, then to Tech Nation. If you haven’t already, you should closely read the official guidance from both the Home Office and Tech Nation — the application process, for example, is all outlined here on the Tech Nation website: https://technation.io/visa-tech-nation-visa-guide/#the-application-process (I read this guide probably 10 times to understand all the nuances and rules.)

yes i have been reading it for last 2 weeks, and every time i find some new things, it seems very complicated, but then again that’s the whole point. Some things are wage and needs interpretation.

Here’s the image I was referencing in the official guidance (this is a screenshot from the link posted above). This outlines the process. First it’s the stage 1 Home Office application (very basic, quick and online). Then it’s the Tech Nation endorsement application (the hardest part). After that, successful applicants move onto the final stage 2, which is simply about getting the visa itself.

As far as visas go, this one is actually quite simple in that everything is applied to online. Only the endorsement phase is really a lot to parse. But it’s totally worth the effort!