3 years for me, 1 for rest of family?

Recently got endorsed and looking to apply for stage 2. However, I’m considering doing 3 years for myself and 1 year for my wife and kids because of the associated costs. Then extending theirs after the 1st year.

I’ll like to know if this option is possible.

Filled the documents and got to the point of proceeding to pay for IHS, but had to come here to confirm first.

Yes. It’s possible.

You apply for each dependants separately.

I just paid mine and my wife’s.


You may be like asked to make payment for the rest after submission. I know someone who applied for 5years, and two years for the kids, they were contacted to complete the additional two years. They had to raise the money in a hurry.


Hi, did you apply for different number of years for you and your wife?

Done the biometrics now?

Thanks for your response, Francisca. I’m still conflicted though. I can’t afford to proceed if I’ll still be required to make additional payments to complete the years

I applied for one year each.

Yes, done our Biometrics.