3 page evidence doc organisation

Hi everyone,

  1. Should different pieces of evidence supporting the same claim be made into one doc or would they be different pieces of evidence? For example reference letter for working in the firm + employment contract + equity contract + news clippings.
  2. Since employment and equity contracts are very long (10+) how do you fit them into the 3 page restriction for evidence? Should I just include the relevant parts of the contracts (parts with the numbers)?
  3. Should the reference letters be like the recommendation letters, i.e., include mentions about the global talent visa and also about the impact to the UK?


According to the guideline, for each criteria you are working on, you need to provide all evidence supporting it in 3 pages

  1. You can include the relevant part that shows your name, role, date of employment and remuneration
  2. This is a requirement for the recommendation letter and you can follow similar format for reference letters too.

Thanks for the guidance @May