15 working days? Exceptional promise application

Hello lovely people,

I am working on the application. I have couple questions:

  1. It says 15 working days. I submitted my application to the Home Office on Feb 7th, does it mean I have it until Feb 22nd to submit everything?
  2. I haven’t paid myself in my both businesses but I am going to pay myself from April after we receive funding. Will this make my case pretty weak if I haven’t paid myself salary? What do you suggest to do in this scenario?

Thank you in advance for answering my question!

15 working days is about three weeks. I don’t understand your second question.

For 2nd question, if I understand correctly, you are an entrepreneur, with no budget to pay your salary, and you are raising funds before you can cash out your salary.

In that case, salary may not be strong evidence for you, as Tech Nation suggests that if you are an entrepreneur, you should show the amount of money raised, not the salary.

Thank you so much! The second question is basically I am an entreprenuer and have two businesses but haven’t paid myself salary yet. I saw this salary as an evidence so thought i might ask how to make my evidence stronger

Thats really helpful to know! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hi Francisca, I have a follow- up question, what does the usual evidence look like? I am drafting mine and I want to use words to describe as well but I wasn’t sure if its photos/screenshots/evidence only or having explanation/narrative on evidence is also ok?
Thank you in advance!

You shouldn’t have paid for the stage 1 when your documents are not ready yet… Have you written personal statement, got LOR etc

Got LORs, haven’t written personal statement. Thought about paying it later but was worried that they will stop taking applicants since Tech Nation will close from end of March :slight_smile:

I think Tech Nation can take new applications until the end of March.

I’m afraid you can gather documents within the time frame left… But you can quickly push it

We are not sure Tech Nation will continue accepting new applications. They are accepting at this moment and will continue until further notice but further notice can be announced any time. They will continue their operation till 31 march so it would also be possible to keep accepting new applications till the last day…
@Francisca_Chiedu Do you have more information on this?

Yes exactly hence I applied it now because it won’t make huge different evidence wise whether submitting it now or in March. Better give it a go now is my opinion, might not be the same for others though

Best of luck for the result then

Thesedays decisions are quicker compare to earlier though so may be you will get decision in this month too

many people got endorsed in just 10 days. Some got even 3-4 days… Everything is depend on reviewers and your strength of evidences

Thank you, will try my best!!

@xlz2 Regarding the usual evidence, you may submit the registration documents of the businesses showing your name as the founder, director or trustee. This document(s) sometimes carries information about what your business does and the initial share capital. In any case, the Tech Nation endorsement application form also allows you to enter details about your company such as URLs, registration number, tax ID etc.

As already mentioned, applications are still being accepted till end of March, so take your time to gather your evidence suitably to stand the best chance of getting endorsed.

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These 15 days = three weeks, include weekends as well? If one has submitted fee on March 3, what will be the exact deadline to submit the application? Thank you!!

its 15 working days, so yes 3 weeks!

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