10 documents (5:3:2)

Hi folks, how’d you think of 5 (MC) + 3 (OC3) and 2 (OC1) as the 10 documents?

Is 5:3:2 okay to go for?

@Francisca_Chiedu will highly appreciate your feedback :pray:t2:

Are you applying for Talent or promise?

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Applying for talent, overall 14 years of experience

which criteria are you selecting? I think 4: 3:3 may be a better spread, this is because the options criteria with only 2 evidence may be weak. If one out of the two evidence is not strong enough then you don’t have a substitute evidence for that. if that is only what you have then you have to maintain your 5:3:2

Thanks, @Francisca_Chiedu.
For now, this is what I have created -
5 MC - this includes 3 documents where leaders across the industry are talking about my work, 1 mentee talking about my mentorship and how it helped them build a digital product and raise funds, and then one document talking of high salary + equity
3 - OC3 - self documents about the impact a few of my products had at work
2 OC1 - self documents about the innovative product I have built

Now knowing all of this what would be your suggestion? Thanks much

I think you should use what you have, can’t comment further.

thanks @Francisca_Chiedu