Would really appreciate the community's help in reviewing my documents and evidences

Hi please would love your helpful insight on my document and evidence.

Recommendation Letters:

  1. Chief Executive Director of a top cybersecurity company in Nigeria and Europe had worked with me earlier in my career as a digital marketer.

  2. Chief Executive Director of a major tech company in Lagos, Nigeria I worked on innovative products.

  3. Chief Operating Officer of a top Edtech Company in Birmingham, Uk I had worked on tech products


  1. Evidence of founding a product-led tech company in Nigeria. The ground opening of Product-Led company by the US Consulate in Nigeria, Lagos. Pictorial evidence, screenshots and links to Newspaper publications of the ceremony. Also published on the official Instagram page of the US Consulate, in Nigeria.

  2. Television Interview on Cable Network Television - Plus TV Africa DSTV Channel 408 and Startime Channel 308 on Women Talking Business discussing ways to teach tech to beginners for it to be effective. Screenshots and link to the interview are attached to YouTube Channel

  3. Featured as an important Tech figure in Nigeria by one of the foremost Tech blogs in Nigeria “TECHNEXT”. Screenshots and links to the article are attached

  4. Screenshot of the Learning Management System built to provide learning assistance to the students and links, and also a 1-year traction chart for the business.


  1. Keynotes Speaker at International Girl child by an NGO; discussing “one girl if digitally empowered can change the world”. Addressing over 250 secondary school girls. (invitation letter, flyers, photo and video pieces of evidence)

  2. Tech panellist at an International girl child annual conference discussing the benefits of embracing Tech to over 150 students in Lagos. (flyer, invitation letter, photo and video evidence are available)

  3. Panelist at a US Exchange Alumni Association discussing opportunities in tech with over 750 alumni and link to the coverage of the ceremony by cable TV as well as the invitation letter to be a panellist, and screenshots of the flier posted on the Exchange Alumni Social media page


  1. Partnership with the US Department of State exchange program where my company is a technical partner to train over 150 women physically and virtually on tech skills. Links to media coverage, photo, and video evidence.

  2. Certificate of recognition by the organization partner both to me and my company for the impact made on over 150 women during the program

  3. Guest Speaker at Business Consultancy company to speak to their women network of over 200 women on International Women’s day discussing the topic DigitALL: Innovation and technology for Gender equality- this is fairly recent. (screenshots, links on company social media page, invitation letter- however, am a bit unsure of this letter as it states the monetary appreciation given to me for being the guest speaker)

Would really appreciate your feedbacks. Thanks

Tip: Better to include one of your RoLs in your other criteria as well.

Thanks for the Tip, please can you explain what you mean by RoLs

LoRs = Recommendation Letters or Reference Letters.
Well, just remember this: You need 3 Main LoRs and can be mentioned in other criteria as well. Then you can have other reference letters which are known as evidence letters but that’s optional.

Ok noted thanks so much!

I think you have a strong application. One thing I can suggest is try to make it clear why your evidences are listed under oc2 or oc3 meaning explaining they are part of or not part of your work.

That’s insightful, thanks so so much