World travel history: Current country of residence and Home country

I would like have some questions about how to fill the “World travel history” section.

I am living in country A, which is not my home country. I have been living in country A for 7 years, and will apply for my visa from here.

  1. Although A is my current country of residence, but it’s not my home country. Should I include A in my “World travel history”? If so, what would be the answer for the question: “When did you leave this country?”?

  2. Should I include the time I lived in my home country to my “World travel history”?

I added such a country to my World Travel History and marked it as “Living and working here”.

I didn’t include home country in my travel history.

@Shreeniwas_Iyer: Thanks for the answer.

So how did you fill the date when you left this country, while you were living there? I tried to leave it blank but it didn’t allow me to continue without entering a date.